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Crush Your Body Goals in 90-days With Personal 1 on 1 Coaching With Me

Without Spending Hours in the Gym

Achieving the body of your dreams has never been easier!

I know what it's like to feel “too skinny"

I struggled with weight for a long time. Bottom line, I know what it’s like to be in your shoes because I was there too. Then one day I decided enough was enough and I got to work learning how exactly to overcome this. And it was one of the best things I've ever done. And now I want to help you do the same. Learn how to live healthier by eating better, bulking up, and adding additional muscle mass to your physique. 

No matter what stage of life you’re in, nutrition and health are so important to maintain and improve. If you don’t love the person in the mirror, I’m here to help!

  • Improving your daily nutrition 

  • Bulking up and toning

  • Increasing muscle mass


And much, much more


About Tess

You deserve to live the ultimate “work hard, play hard” balance with a program that makes you want to follow it AND that leads you to your goals.


I was a soccer player throughout college, I began focusing on modeling and it changed my idea of what my diet, cooking, and workouts looked like in different stages of life. 

After 8 years of hard work I am ready to share everything I’ve learned as an athlete, runway model, bodybuilder, and now personal trainer to bring you delicious, passionate, and challenging programs that get you where you want to be. 

Tess’ Core Values

  • Authenticity

  • Acceptance

  • Empathy

  • Self-Growth


You deserve a dynamic, powerful, and intuitive life not just on your best days but ALL THE TIME.

  • Determination

  • Ownership

  • Sustainability

  • Work-life Balance

Achieving the body of your dreams has never been easier!

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Why It Can Be Difficult to Gain Muscle Mass

Many people assume that the first step to building muscle is to be skinny from the start. This is untrue. It's actually easier for someone overweight to pack on muscle than it is for an individual at or below a healthy weight.

The issue is the lack of musculature. So, instead of hitting the gym right away, we will begin in the kitchen, where we will create custom meal plans for the next 12 weeks! I’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you stick to it and remain incentivized to keep at it. 


As your body begins to add weight and mass, we can then work on shaping and toning. A common pitfall is the initial gains followed by a plateauing that causes many people to become frustrated and quit. As your body changes, we will constantly shift focus, keeping you from leveling out!

Achieving the body of your dreams has never been easier!


Nutrition 101

In order for anyone to achieve their wellness goals, they need to have a balanced diet. We will cover everything you need to know to start seeing a healthy change quickly!


  • Evolved Nutrition and Fitness Regiment

  • Personalized Diet Program

  • Meal plan examples

  • Text Access to Tess 

  • Weekly Check-ins via video

  • Accountability Tools and Habit Coaching

  • VIP accountability group 

  • FREE recipes from Tess


Achieving the body of your dreams has never been easier!


Muscle Building

With the right nutrition plan you can bulk up your physique and begin adding on muscle! Remember, I also had difficulties bulking up. Sign up today to avoid the same mistakes I made!

  • Custom Strength + Conditioning Program

  • The Cardio Unicorn: Myth vs Truth (digital download)

  • Personalized workout routine

Achieving the body of your dreams has never been easier!


Achieving the body of your dreams has never been easier!

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