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Empowering young women to achieve the healthy
"work hard, play hard" lifestyle

Do you want to look back on your wedding day and KNOW that you looked and felt your best on the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!! And what if it can be every day?


Why train with Tess? 

It's time to get an effective program that leads you directly to your goals with out the stress of figuring it all out yourself. I've been an athlete my whole life, transitioning into normal life and then modeling changed my idea of what my diet, cooking, and workouts looked like after playing sports. I am here to help you live the dynamic and powerful life you deserve to feel and look your best not just on your best days but ALL THE TIME. No matter what stage you're at, no matter how long it's been since you've been in the gym all it takes is someone to guide you to make your fitness and nutrition dreams come to life. Let me be your new healthy best friend!


I take out all the guesswork, all you have to do is show up. 


Crush with Tess Challenge: Start small and gain big

Hey babe! Not sure where to start?

Try 30 days of my personal workouts and diet plan for just $1. YES, just a $1 :) 


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